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Racists really do suck

I purposely kept this section short because I sometimes have tendency to ramble on. That’s why this is called my rumblings section, not ramblings. Remember how long my useless ramblings were? I had to stop it! It was eating up all my time!

But today, there’s a lot I want to talk about… I guess I’ll just have to pick one topic.

Racists and their evil spews have been on my brain all morning. I was sifting through some posts last night in usenet, and came across some thinly disguised racist rants that really disturbed me. A few days ago, I was talking about how great the net is, and today, I don’t think like that. When evil, hateful people get such a worldwide forum to spew out their hate, then the net isn’t such a good thing. And this is a real twisted thing for me, because I am a fervent supporter of freedom of speech on the net. I have taken usenet stands in the past against censorship of content in certain newsgroups (like van.general) so what to do about the racists? Well, known ones to me (like the pseudo-person Karen Gordon) are added to my killfile, and I recommend to others they do the same. This kind of self censorship means that people like Karen Gordon will lose part or all of their little sounding board for their internet racist rants. It’s a start, and it’s not much, but I don’t know what else to do, other than help educate.



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