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Relaunch after Huge HD Crash of ’97

Welcome to my slighly weird web place. After surviving the great Hard Drive Crash of ’97, I am now back up to full steam.

I’m toying with the idea of adding a chat component. What do you think? Also, a new section has been added, an archive for my old stories.

Two days now, without e-mail. Well, I’m getting about 10% the e-mail I normally do. Our server was upgraded (an oxymoron) on Friday, leaving it with more problems than before. If you’re trying to e-mail me, send it to send it here, at least until Monday.

Don’t forget, there’s now 4 new stories here – read them, love them, criticise them! Oh, another thing, I bought a new CD today, Alice in Chains MTV Unplugged. I’m not a big AiC fan, but I really liked the sound of this CD, and now I’m enjoying the accoustic renditions of all their thrash songs…. heh heh heh, cool… this is cool… heh heh shut up Beavis!



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