Big Brother Cometh

It’s kinda scary how Big Brother the US of A is getting these days US news media becoming more and more subjective and biased in their reporting of world events (CNN’s basically a PR firm for the US Govt these days) US telling foreign, sovereign nations, what they “must” do with their own airlines and […]

Off to Ottawa One More Time

Well, I’m off to Ottawa again this Christmas holiday, to spend it with my Mom and family. I’m leaving earlier than planned, which has got me a bit loopy – I was expecting to get a variety of things done this week, but I got a call today from my Dad that said I should […]

New CoffeeGeek and Going Small

Wow… sorry about the lack of updates around here. First, in case you haven’t seen it yet, CoffeeGeek is all new – we just completed a major upgrade and overhaul, so go check it out. Second – I hope some of you had the chance to read my Vimy Ridge essay that was up on this site […]

Weddings and Campings

So I went to Ottawa last month. Two major things took place. First, I attended the wedding of an old and good friend, Heather Earle, to Eric Budgell. The wedding was impressive, with lots of guests in a large church. One really cool thing was the procession from the church to where the reception was […]

You Can’t Go Home Again

Inneresin’……….. I was (furtively) looking for a VERY old file… a legal document in fact, that I backed up onto CD, oh, I dunno, maybe 6 years ago? And when scouring the old skool CDs, I happened upon one of my very old bookmark.htm files, circa weblife, 1998 or so. MAN. Was that really five […]

Mo’ Mobloggin’!

I’m really getting into this whole Mobloggin’ thing… (Mobile Phone Blog)… Shawn over at TextAmerica has this going good, and it’s a fun diversion. Even some famouse folks are using it, incl. Leo Laporte from TechTV, and (watch out Chris, Stroking Ego™ about to take place) Chris Pirillo. Now Shawn and the TA crew have a contest going […]


There’s a new thing happenin’ and it’s called Moblogging. You’ve heard about blogging, right (I talk about it enough here). Well something brand new is moblogging – the act of updating a blog via a smartphone… and in most cases, it’s a visual blog, with photos as the primary focus. You take photos with your […]

Random Musings on Press, Lexicons

Just some random musings today as I take a break from writing (what kind of luser am I – I write all morning, then, to take a break from it, I do some…. writing!). Has anyone noticed how the term “docking” has become such a common part of our modern day lexicon? Only a decade […]

Confidence Boosting?

Lately, I’ve been really, really down on myself for putting way too much on my plate, thinking I could handle it, when in fact I couldn’t. We accepted way too many machines for the Detailed Review process over at CoffeeGeek. I’m so behind on them, it depresses the crap out of me. I’ve taken on the […]

Camera Upgrade – Olympus C5050

I don’t know if I wrote about this on Spiffle… but hey. I’ve changed digital cameras again… I went back Oly way (Olympus). Since mid 2000, I’ve been using Nikon Coolpix cameras. A brief forray with the Coolpix 950, then a good time with the 990, and since September, 2002, the Coolpix 4500. The 4500’s […]