You Can’t Go Home Again

Inneresin’……….. I was (furtively) looking for a VERY old file… a legal document in fact, that I backed up onto CD, oh, I dunno, maybe 6 years ago? And when scouring the old skool CDs, I happened upon one of my very old bookmark.htm files, circa weblife, 1998 or so. MAN. Was that really five […]

John Dvorak is ON!

John Dvorak is “on”, as they say. Sometimes John makes a big hit. Sometimes he makes a big miss. His most recent PC Mag Rant (you can see it here) is most definitely a hit. Deconstructing the Blog is a must read for way too many people online. First, I am aware some may think this […]

A History of My Internet Experience So Far

Hey. May the Fourth be with you! Yet again, I have to start off a rant saying “yeah, it’s been a while, I know”. I’m looking at changing this in June. In the meantime, this rant I wrote (originally in Word), is so bloody long, its going to have to be a two-parter. I guess […]