A Christmas Story

I was 24 at the time, with my “quarter century” mark just around the corner. This was not the best Christmas for me – or at least not one I was looking forward to. I was in Edmonton at the time, traveling across Canada (but in Edmonton at the moment), and I was wearing out […]

Late November Musings

So here’s the deal. I update this rant page, then I go away for a few days. I come back, and no comments are posted. Hey, that’s cool. But I put off updating for a few more days. Then I start getting emails or ICQ messages from people going “hey fucknuts, where’s your latest rant […]

Christmas, Birthdays, Sombre News

I know it’s been a while. Sorry! Here’s the deal. See, I’ve been working on a complete makeover for this site. Something totally different (well, not *totally* per se… I can’t give up the cool table layouts for my subsections). New sections added, dead wood knocked off, that kind of thing. Some sections are going […]