IBM Thinkpads are the Greatest

Man, do I love this new IBM Thinkpad 570E. Thinkpads are the absolute best notebook computers you can buy today. Don’t believe me? Sure, they be expensive, some of the most expensive notebooks out there. But you know what? They’re worth it. Here’s why: Best portable keyboard in the biz, bar none. I like the […]

My History on the Internet, Part Two

Hey, if you missed the first part of this rant, go read the May 4 2000 rant first! Hola! Part two of this very long rant. Before I get into a continuation of what I was talking about last time, there’s just a few news updates. Brag Mode┬áSite logs (as opposed to weblogs) are very […]

Bragging About a New Computer

So I got myself a new computer. A screaming fast computer. Fast as fast can be. Zooom. The only problem is, I don’t get it until 5pm tomorrow, cuz I wanted it so blazing fast that I have to wait for one of the rilllly rilllly fast parts. Just to jealous you all out, and […]