October Update on my Mum

I know a lot of you have been sending me (and my Mom) well wishes and many of you have said a prayer for her. So I wanted to pass along an update… It seems the well wishes and prayers have had a good effect. My Mom had major surgery today. Prior to this, all […]

Sitting on a Balcony…

It’s tough, sitting outside on the balcony of the home where a person with serious and active cancer lives. Especially when it’s your Mom. I’m sitting here, in a typical Ottawa summer night weather (although it’s officially October now), just thinking about things, and digesting what happened today. We got some harsh news. Not the […]

Random Ramblings as Fall Approaches

This is going to be a catch all “rant”, or as close to a blog as I get. First up, and before I forget it: even though Lance Arthur isn’t quite “back” yet in terms of posting much more frequently, his latest Today, 2002 article is almost entirely about a subject near and dear to my heart […]

Beautiful Machine and Mum Update

I’ve said it before in other venues, but man, am I happy Elektra is a company that exists in the world of coffee and espresso. I mean, talke a look at the photo to the right (you can click it to enlarge the picture). Is that a work of art, or what? That there is the […]

Mum Update – No Surgery

An update, for those who want to know… It’s not looking very good. My Mom didn’t go under the knife today. Her platelet count is too low, and the halted the commencement of the surgery because of this. They didn’t present her with much options either… basically “go home, we’ll check on a week to week basis, […]

Mum and Surgery

Monday, my Mom goes under the knife. Some 7.000 kms away from where I live. I’m not going to be very productive Monday. I’m really worried about her. I’m not religious – I’m agnostic, a lapsed catholic, bordering on atheist. But I do believe in a couple of things. One is the power of vibes. […]

Mom’s Not Doing Well

I’m a “down” guy today, which is weird because there are many good things happening in my life as of late that, while they have me a bit scared due to some increased visibility and responsibilities I’m being saddled with in the world of coffee, they are also incredible opportunities that I should feel honoured […]