More Collected Reactions to the P800

Damn… I forgot I had a little “jotter” file on my P800 with stored comments (the others were from memory and from an old Jotter file I had long since moved to my PC). Here’s even more people’s reactions to the Sony Ericsson P800… these ones are pretty much verbatim. “That is soooooooo cute!!!” (spoken […]

Collected Reactions to the P800

Here’s a variety of collected reactions to my Sony Ericsson P800 over the last five months. The phone is about to become more “mainstream” for those willing to spend $1000 Cdn from Fido, but at least up to this point, it is still a unique thing at this point in time. “Woah, how did you… […]

More P800 Thoughts

Just some more random ramblings about the new P800 “cell phone” (ha!) from Sony Ericsson. I’m authoring this “rant” straight from the phone, using Opera’s new portable browser, which is one of the slickest pieces of coding tech I’ve seen in a long time (you can download the Windows version of Opera at . Once installed […]

A Sony Ericsson P800 Review

Well, I’ve had my new Sony Ericsson P800 smartphone for just over a day now, and was entirely unproductive in my work all yesterday afternoon, evening, and even this morning. (note, this has been edited – it was listed as a “review” on a popular symbian site, so I’ve revamped it to be more of […]

Meet the New Phone

Finally, a phone has arrived that meets the needs I’ve wanted in a cell phone for about two years now. But it’s not Palm based or Pocket PC Based. It runs on the Symbian operating system. It’s the Sony Ericsson P800. Here’s my shopping list of what I wanted in a personal organizer / communications […]