Welcome to 2003!

Welcome to 2003! No, I haven’t set the New Year resolutions yet – I need to talk to Jeanette about it. Basically the deal is, I wanna have both of us fit into clothes we wore when we met. For Jean, this is almost a nothing deal – she’s pretty much the same size and […]

Late November Musings

So here’s the deal. I update this rant page, then I go away for a few days. I come back, and no comments are posted. Hey, that’s cool. But I put off updating for a few more days. Then I start getting emails or ICQ messages from people going “hey fucknuts, where’s your latest rant […]

Travelling Woes

Man, I dunno if I can handle travelling much more. And I have a lot more of it in the next six months – three major trips planned, and two minor ones. I just got back from Seattle after attending the CoffeeFest there. I was impressed with parts of it, less so with others. There […]

Random Ramblings as Fall Approaches

This is going to be a catch all “rant”, or as close to a blog as I get. First up, and before I forget it: even though Lance Arthur isn’t quite “back” yet in terms of posting much more frequently, his latest Today, 2002 article is almost entirely about a subject near and dear to my heart […]