My One Claim to Internet Design Fame

Way back in 1997, long, long before HTML5, Ajax, DHTML, long before any kind of advanced javascript, and at the dawn of CSS (introduced in early 1997, but not really supported until 1999)… the introduction of tables to HTML markup language was the first real move towards being able to apply an advanced design to […]

Redesigning CoffeeKid

Did you know my Coffeekid site is over 2 years old now? And there’s almost 450 pages on the site, not including the recently removed “reviews” section. All hand coded. It’s become a monster. And while the design is something I’m proud of, for a long time I was thinking the site is a bit long in […]

Working Life…

Ah, the joys of being a boss. It isn’t all peaches and cream, you know. During the fall of 2001, right around the time of Sept 11 and the aftermath, I had to lay off half of my company’s staff. One by one. Week by week. As if world events weren’t bad enough, I had […]

My History on the Internet, Part Two

Hey, if you missed the first part of this rant, go read the May 4 2000 rant first! Hola! Part two of this very long rant. Before I get into a continuation of what I was talking about last time, there’s just a few news updates. Brag Mode┬áSite logs (as opposed to weblogs) are very […]