Previous Versions of my Websites!

I initially wrote this way back in 2001; I’m updating it so it’s a more recent post on the new Spiffle website as of 2021. I’ve been on the Internet since 1994, and I have almost every design, every experiment, every goof, every thought, heck, every little bit of html code I ever generated for […]

Spiffle Gets a Back End Retooling

I have been putting off doing a blog’ style update here because Wayne Venables, our head honcho programming guru over at work spent the last few days putting the absolute latest version of our content management software up live on this here site. The CoffeeGeek site is also the beneficiary of WIPS 2.5.2, our latest incarnation, and while that […]

My History on the Internet, Part Two

Hey, if you missed the first part of this rant, go read the May 4 2000 rant first! Hola! Part two of this very long rant. Before I get into a continuation of what I was talking about last time, there’s just a few news updates. Brag Mode┬áSite logs (as opposed to weblogs) are very […]


I’ve got some news for you all. I bought another new domain name a few months back. As many of you know, I’m addicted to quality coffee (surprisingly, I’m not addicted to coffee – I can go days without – just that when I drink coffee or espresso, I demand quality coffee and espresso). Anyway, […]