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iPaq Screen, Some Observations

I’m starting to warm up to the iPaq…. I’m even forgetting a few niceties I missed from the Palm.

To the right you see my HIGHLY customized iPaq screens. I’ve managed to tweak it to the point where it is completely branded with my company name and logos and stuff. Pretty sweet. I like that. Microsoft will probably remove all this functionality in the next version of the PPC platform, codenamed Merlin 🙁

See, I really don’t like F%^k-u-soft. (my new pet name for Mikeysoft, which was my old pet name). I don’t like XP and it’s overhead bullshit from authentication to Bobisms everywhere. I don’t like that they change supposed “standards” (standards that Microsoft created themselves) with each new release of major software. I don’t like their whole “we’re Microsoft, we know what you want to do today, so don’t bother trying to change it” phoque you ‘tude. It seems to get worse with each release they make.

Case in point. IE 6 came out a few days ago. So I installed it. At first, I didn’t notice anything different… my menus were as I had them in IE 5.5, the icons were the same… waitasec… where are the control tabs for changing the toolbar positions? They’re gone! WTF? Now I have the » symbols all over the place in my less-than-maximized windows. It took me about 10 mins to find a new F%^k-u-Soft “feature”: locked toolbars. On by default. Thanks Microsoft.

Then I noticed that some of my Windows Explorer windows had changed. I spent a LOT of time on my Win2K installation to get rid of a lit of F$%k-u-Soft “features” like hide extensions, show friendly bullshit, show “smart” menus, etc etc. I want details, so I had to make sure I set all my Win Exploder windows to do so. Turned off anything remotely related to active desktop.

With the IE 6 installation, Microsoft figures I must be personally phoqued and that when I said I want my window pane to display file details, that must be wrong, and defaulted back to big phoquin’ icons.

Screw you F%^k-u-soft. 🙂



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