There’s a new thing happenin’ and it’s called Moblogging.

You’ve heard about blogging, right (I talk about it enough here). Well something brand new is moblogging – the act of updating a blog via a smartphone… and in most cases, it’s a visual blog, with photos as the primary focus. You take photos with your smartphone’s built in camera, send it as an email attachment, and your subject and email body are the title and blog entry for that photo.

It’s so new, that most of the photos are pretty bad quality – shaky, blurry images from a random sampling of one’s life. And you know what?

I like it that way – raw, unscripted, variable content. Amateur. Just like Blogs! (yes, bloggers – you’re rank amateurs – get used to it).

What worries me is the second edition of smartphones coming down the pipe next year  – rumour has it that 1.3mpixel and larger cameras will be the defacto standard. Autofocus is even planned for a couple. And built in flashes!

Hey, I love all that, and my next smartphone will (hopefully) have a 1.3mpixel camera and autofocus, but I have to say, it might take away from the kitchy cutsieness of this new, infant thing called Moblogging…

But then again, most people are really crappy photographers, so maybe not 🙂 is one of the more popular Moblog sites, and that’s where I have CoffeeGeekin’, my own mobile phone blog. Check it out!



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