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More Collected Reactions to the P800

Damn… I forgot I had a little “jotter” file on my P800 with stored comments (the others were from memory and from an old Jotter file I had long since moved to my PC).

Here’s even more people’s reactions to the Sony Ericsson P800… these ones are pretty much verbatim.

“That is soooooooo cute!!!” (spoken by a 15 year old girl)

“Where’s the hidden stun gun?”

“Ohhh… I read about that in a book once…” (when quizzed about the book) I dunno, some future book…”

“You’re nuts, man” (when told the price… then they proceded to ask me about two dozen questions about the phone).

“Cool mp3 player… (told what it is) Wow, I didn’t know they made mp3 players with phone abilities!”

“Tell me more…” (asked by a reporter for a rather large newspaper. Three weeks later, he did a feature on the phone. He didn’t mention me at all).

“I’d buy it if it did what a Palm does…”

“I’d buy it if you could play MP3s on it…”

“I’d buy (it) if you could somehow play and record videos on it – my clie does that.” (well, you can’t record videos, but you can play them. The Clies, except for the most expensive one, can’t record video either).


“Holy shit man, did you just do that?” (when I Bluejacked a Nokia 3650 for the first time, sending the dude a picture of himself)

“How are you able to go online?” (as I used the BT wireless connection and GPRS to surf the web on my ThinkPad)… “you’re such a geek… but I have to admit that is kewl!”

Same person, 30 minutes later, after playing with the phone and handing it back to me “I think I can die now…”

“Impressive toy,” (I dunno why, but I get the geniune sense those who lust after this product the most are most likely to call it a toy, my Dad excepted).

“How did you do that?” (after I showed the woman a photo I just took of her). “Can I borrow it?” (no…)

“Hey dude, is that a phone? Really? You’re shitting me.”

“You make me embarrased for my phone.”

“You suck”.




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