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Spiffle Gets a Back End Retooling

I have been putting off doing a blog’ style update here because Wayne Venables, our head honcho programming guru over at work spent the last few days putting the absolute latest version of our content management software up live on this here site.

The CoffeeGeek site is also the beneficiary of WIPS 2.5.2, our latest incarnation, and while that was a handful and a half, this site’s backend retooling was a relative breeze, which is a testament to Wayne’s skills. Thanks Wayne!

So what’s different? For the visitor to this site, you’ll just see a lot more consistency, and a lot more “pro” visuals, including fancy ass tables, a multitude of image layouts (including a thumbnail/popup image generator) and finally the ability for me to put “child pages” off of any page on this site. So the Kyosho Mini Z page under mixelania can now have sub pages (I’ll get to it soon).

Also, you’ll notice the URLs are much “smarter” than before. Sure, there’s a lot of this kind of stuff behind the scenes: Click Here ( etc etc. But you don’t see that in the URL. You see a url that looks like . It’s a pretty sweet “smart URL” system that Wayne has developed. Again, big time kudos to him.

There’s a lot of other usability tweaks to the front side that you probably won’t notice, but are there to make this site function better. One you’ll see soon is a site wide search feature. Pretty damned slick.

Behind the scenes, I get the brand spankin’ new interface that makes it ultra easy to edit the site, add new content, and control existing content. I designed the interface myself, but Wayne and his small team made it real. You can see how the log in interface looks in the screencap to the right. Pretty cool, huh?

Anyway, enough of that. Next rant I’ll be back to normal, and the frequency should be better too, since writing a rant is now a 1 click effort. New content on the site will be showing up shortly as well.



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