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Wishlist for iPod

I have a 10gb iPod, with the wired remote. It’s just about the coolest “toy” I own.

But it could be better.

Now that Apple is officially on the Bluetooth bandwagon, what I’d like to see is them release a plug in thing for the top of the iPod that enables full Bluetooth wireless audio and data to a wireless headset that also includes an optional wireless clip device for seeing the song playing, and choosing operations on the iPod. It’s dooable, and easy, but would probably cost the consumer about $150 or more.

Here’s how to do it.

The device would be two parts – a plug in module that sits on top of the iPod. It’d be small, kind of like Griffin Technologies’ new FM transmitter that plugs into the top of the iPod and only adds a half inch to the height. This module would be the bluetooth transmitter, with a single AA battery inside to power it.

The second part would be an LCD tiny panel / clip that you could clip to your collar or the like. It would have a 2 line LCD readout for the iPod’s status. It would also have five buttons for controlling the iPod. It would have a wire coming out of it, but the wire would go to a headset (or you can plug in any headphones into the clip – that would be coolest!). The LCD panel/clip would be the Bluetooth receiver.

You can leave the iPod in your briefcase or pocket, with no wires, and listen and control it via Bluetooth.

A third option would be just the Bluetooth headset – no wires at all.

Come on Apple! Innovate! A 17 inch notebook computer doesn’t turn my crank!



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