I am a sucker for late night infomercials

Well I did it. I bought a Tony Little Gazelle. What the hell. It’s got a 60 day money back thingie, so I did it. Laughing starts today, you’re allowed.

Today’s been very busy for me. I met with a new client this morning, and this afternoon, I’m busy updating my company page. It should be live in a few days. I also found some more potential work through some contacts, so that’s good. Money may be evil, but it’s sure good to have.

I’m getting frustrated with e-mail. It seems like I lost a few posts this weekend again, and I didn’t get a single F1 update, but I found it was because my service was cancelled due to bounced messages from JP’s server a couple of weeks ago. Or maybe people are writing less, what with exams and the like? Oh and before I forget, there’s a new story, which was online just yesterday.


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