New ThinkPad X30 – Some Thoughts

Got the new X30 ThinkPad finally (they almost pulled an ‘Apple’ on me, more below), and I’ve had a chance to use it for a few days. Here’s some thoughts. First, it’s small. The Bluetooth and WiFi inserts add .2lbs to the base 3.5 lb weight, but at 3.7lbs total going weight when I bring […]

From a ThinkPad 570E to a X30

Those of you who read this article semi-regularly know that I have a lot of admiration and respect for IBM’s line of business ThinkPads, and especially my “companion” of over 2 years, the ThinkPad 570E. I’ve mentioned it several times in here, and even wrote a long rant on it once. It was a good notebook computer. […]