Wheel of Fortune is Really Stupid

Is it just me or is Wheel of Fortune the stupidest show on television? I just don’t get that show. It sucks so bad, it’s one of only two television shows I actually jump to change the channel on, even if I’m not sitting by the television (the other is Grace under Fire or whatever […]

Corporal Punishment and Kids These Days

Jeanette and I had a long talk at Benny’s last night about various issues and things in our past. Mainly I talked about my old Grad nights (I had two in HS, one for Grade 12, one for Grade 13), but we also talked about rampant political correctness. And that’s the topic for today. In […]

Well This is New

Well this is new. After a couple of years posting long winded, very boring, and highly narrow-casted thoughts and rants in the newsgroup van.general, I decided it was time to do something on the world wide web besides just have a simple “hi, I’m Mark, here’s my likes, my dislikes, my favourite links, and my […]