Random Musings on Press, Lexicons

Just some random musings today as I take a break from writing (what kind of luser am I – I write all morning, then, to take a break from it, I do some…. writing!). Has anyone noticed how the term “docking” has become such a common part of our modern day lexicon? Only a decade […]

CoffeeGeek is Launched

Hey. I was very remiss in not mentioning this here. But here goes, and what a lead in: How’d you like to win a $430 espresso machine? Or a $140 grinder? If you would, then head over to www.coffeegeek.com and check it out. Of course, I hope that you would want to check it out for more […]

Coffee: Espresso Redux

Last Thursday, I was seriously inspired, and I wrote a long rant about why I’m so coffee obsessed. One of my best rants in a year… but I’ll try to write it again. But not now. I’ve got other coffee stuff to write about. And away we go… See the cups to the right? Those […]

Writing a Vacpot FAQ…

Ever try to write a FAQ? It’s damned hard. I always wondered why there were so many crap half assed FAQs out there in the Internet world, and now I know why… it’s hard to write a good, informative, and complete one. Currently I’m trying to co-author a FAQ for Sunbeam Coffeemasters, which are in […]