My One Claim to Internet Design Fame

Way back in 1997, long, long before HTML5, Ajax, DHTML, long before any kind of advanced javascript, and at the dawn of CSS (introduced in early 1997, but not really supported until 1999)… the introduction of tables to HTML markup language was the first real move towards being able to apply an advanced design to […]

GPRS is Getting Better

I’m back in Vancouver now, have been for a few days. First, thanks to those who took the time to email me regarding my last rant, about my Mom’s condition. It means so much. Ditto to the two of you who (as of this writing) posted comments. A micro update – her platelet count is […]

Many Anniversaries

You know, I was looking on the calendar and reminiscing a bit, about my life since I moved to Vancouver. Then I realized two things. On February 8, I will have been in Vancouver for 10 years. Holy crap! 10 years of my life! Where the hell did it go? And then I thought, sometime […]

My History on the Internet, Part Two

Hey, if you missed the first part of this rant, go read the May 4 2000 rant first! Hola! Part two of this very long rant. Before I get into a continuation of what I was talking about last time, there’s just a few news updates. Brag Mode Site logs (as opposed to weblogs) are very […]

Code Theft, CD Taxes, CoffeeKid and More!

You know what’s a crying shame? The fact that the music industry in Canada has laboured long and hard to make people feel guilty, feel almost as if they were criminals simply because they might tape various songs from music CDs *they own* onto a compilation cassette for playing in the car or on their […]

Growing Up Via the Internet

I’ve been thinking about the Net again recently. The last five months I’ve been a pretty busy guy – new home to deal with, new living situations (Richmond SUCKS! Yeah!), and a lot more work than I had a year ago at this time. A lot more work. This evening, Jean and I were playing […]

Predicting an Internet Collapse Part 2

Hi folks. This is a followup to my last rant. In case you forgot, I was making wild predictions about the collapse of the Internet in the next few years. You can read it here. Since I got a comment recently that I tend to ramble on way too much and repeat stuff, I’ll try to […]

Predicting a Net Collapse!

So much nuze, so little time. Maybe a recap is in order? Stuff that’s been going on: I took delivery of my new espresso machine (you’ll find out more about this soon) I’ve been juggling 4 different work projects with two personal projects, all web based. I’m tapped! I took delivery of a part that […]