Donovan Bailey is Really, Really Fast

Well it’s June now, and it’s been some time since I last wrote a rant. Sorry. I’ve been very busy today with a few things, so that’s why this update is very late. I’ve been working on a mock up site for a local clothing designer, and Tuesday, the owners check it out. If they […]

More late night infomercial lunacy

I got my Tony Little Gazelle today from Purolator delivery! I just finished my first workout with it after assembling it (easy), familiarizing myself with it (easy), warming up (gotta get more graceful!) and then doing the 10 minute beginner level exercises. Boy am I outta shape… but you know what? I like the machine. […]

U2 Gets a Story on this Site – Lucky Them!

Please help me. I’m about to succumb to the Shopping Channel and Tony Little. For the past two days, I’ve been watching snippets of him and his Tony Little Gazelle walker – the one that you “float” on. I’m about to give in, to break down. It looks so damned fun! And if even half […]

More Dukes! And Net Soap Operas

I said it before. This month is going by too fast. It’s weird. Anyway, I am barely over my Dukes of Hazzard Reunion fix from TV last night. Also, I watched Nash Bridges, which seemed more like a Miami Vice meets Cheech and Chong show, since both Tubbs and Chong were on it last night. […]

Boring Rant #223404

Sorry, this is very late today (as if anyone cares!) Anyway, it’s been a very busy day for me. I spent most of it working on other people’s sites, writing up a few new stories, reworking a few others and buying stuff,. I’ll let you know why later this week. It’s been a great weekend […]

Racists really do suck

I purposely kept this section short because I sometimes have tendency to ramble on. That’s why this is called my rumblings section, not ramblings. Remember how long my useless ramblings were? I had to stop it! It was eating up all my time! But today, there’s a lot I want to talk about… I guess […]

Listening to “The End”

I did something today that shows how cool the Net can be. I was listening to Seattle’s The End radio station, via cable, and they were interviewing a singer I knew a net friend from Seattle really liked. So I e-mailed her, and she got to hear it, including a very hip acoustic version of […]

Boring Rant #11232

Welcome to my little spot on the web! Today, I haven’t really written anything new. I was too busy with e-mail. Today, I woke up, did the old S/S/S thing, and checked e-mail… over 230 messages! Hmm. Guess they fixed the e-mail router. But I know I’m still missing messages – some test messages I […]

Relaunch after Huge HD Crash of ’97

Welcome to my slighly weird web place. After surviving the great Hard Drive Crash of ’97, I am now back up to full steam. I’m toying with the idea of adding a chat component. What do you think? Also, a new section has been added, an archive for my old stories. Two days now, without […]

Hard Drive Nearly Destroys My Life, News at 11

Grrr My entire computer system crashed a few days ago. I lost a lot of data, including the entire file system for this here site. It sucks. I wasn’t able to download all the files from my sitehost because I was in the middle of deleting the site and preparing to upload a new version […]